Learn how we can improve your wastewater treatment process

SeaChange is seeking apparel manufacturing facilities to be our first production sites, please fill out the following survey to learn about how we can reduce your sludge disposal costs.

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Sustainable Wastewater Solutions

SeaChange Technologies provides sustainable wastewater solutions for various applications in the apparel industry. Our innovative technology integrates with your existing wastewater treatment plant to minimize waste and environmental discharge.

Our mission is to reduce costs for both manufacturers and the planet.


  • Compact
  • Modular and scalable
  • Zero liquid discharge
  • 95% Waste reduction
  • No pretreatment
  • No disposables, chemicals, or membranes
  • Able to handle flexible water inputs
  • Automated Operation
  • Solutions designed specifically for your operations

SeaChange System

The SeaChange Starling system runs on any gaseous fuel and is capable of processing ten tons of wastewater per unit per day.