Sustainable Desalination

SeaChange Technologies is building produced water treatment systems that will provide a sustainable alternative to disposal of oil/gas produced water.  SeaChange will deploy mobile treatment systems at well sites, eliminating the need for any water transport or well disposal.    SeaChange will significantly cut midstream oil/gas production costs, eliminate injection-induced earthquakes, and create a more sustainable approach to oil and gas production.  


The produced water problem

When oil or gas is pumped from the ground, it is extracted along with naturally occurring water from the same deep reservoirs. This “produced water” is an EPA-regulated waste product, and its disposal is the single highest cost component of US oil/gas production. Over 30 billion barrels of produced water are generated annually.

Produced water has high concentrations of suspended and dissolved solids, oil and grease, and volatile organics. The technologies available today to treat this water are so costly and impratical for industrial use that 95% of this water is instead trucked to disposal wells, where it is injected deep underground.


Environmental Impacts

Disposal of produced water poses increasing challenges for Oil/Gas producers. Produced water has high concentrations of suspended and dissolved solids (mostly salt), oil and grease, and volatile organics. This wastewater can not be disposed in natural waterways due to environmental impacts. Its contaminants are too highly concentrated and too highly variable for conventional water purification or desalination methods.

The predominant means of produced water disposal, deep well injection, has been linked to an unprecedented earthquake activity in states with extensive drilling operations.


The SeaChange Difference

Unlike any technology in the market today, SeaChange's desalination systems can effectively treat produced water, reducing it it to dry solids and clean water vapor. The SeaChange mobile desalination units do not require any chemical pretreatment, filtration, or membranes to treat the water, and they can completely eliminate the need for wastewater trucking and well disposal.

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